By Your Fren Nancy

Chin Filler - What I think worked best for my facial balance

Plumping the lips might be one of the most common areas that dermal fillers are used. That's why back in 2017, for my first tweakment, I chose to do my lips without thinking things through. I just wanted that "magical" thing Kylie Jenner did and I thought it was just lip filler. I was so wrong and uneducated.

It wasn't until 2021, my injector Stephanie taught me all about FACIAL BALANCING. She explained she likes to take things with a natural approach with the help of combining toxins and fillers sprinkled across my face as she assessed it. That's when she noticed a slight dent on one side of my chin and suggested to fill my chin. I put my trust in her and let her do a sprinkle sprinkle of Botox and Dysport on my forehead, masseters and in between my eyes. (I'll talk about that magic another time.) Lastly, she did chin filler—which hurt like a MF—but I saw instant results! It finally *CLICKED* and I understood that I somehow just looked...more balanced. I was so happy!

Once again, everyone's face is different, but for me...this was THE moment I realized my chin was the...pièce de résistance. 

Take a look at a side by side comparison of my face back in 2018 compared to a recent picture with my beautiful fren, Ann. Makeup application, weight loss, aging and hair side part all taken into consideration as well, but you can still see the major difference.

side by side image comparison of before and after chin filler


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Written by Amy Lawrenson